Thursday, August 9, 2012

What's Your Favorite Color?

It is always a good Thursday knitting group when G. stops by the library with her latest projects for a Show and Tell. G. is one of those talented people who never stops learning--she is already an accomplished knitter, crocheter and spinner, and today she shared her latest experiments--dyeing with Easter egg dyes. Here are some photos of what she brought today. The yarn in the picture above is tinted with Easter egg dyes--except for the red one on the top--that's dyed with beet juice!
This yarn  is dyed with Kool-Aid. Using food products makes dyeing a non-toxic, kid-friendly craft. For more information on how to do this yourself, go to this link

G. is also a spinner. This is what wool looks like before it's spun into yarn. She tried dyeing it before spinning it to see how it turned out. I hope she brings her spinning wheel again to show us how it goes.

Below you can see the same wool bundled into a chain. These two are different kinds of fibers, dyed with the same dye solution, but the fibers accept the colors in different ways.

Sometimes G. uses hand-dyed, hand-spun yarn, and sometimes she uses hardy, inexpensive acrylics. Here is the afghan she crocheted--she brought in her leftover yarn to the library--there's enough yarn left over for you to crochet an afghan, too!

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