Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Overheard in Your Library Today

Today I overheard a tutor working with a student. "Use the word 'creche' in a sentence," said the tutor. "It was bad when Mom creched into Grandma's car," said the student.

These two were working in our comfy chairs, but we also have a small study room available for this purpose. The first week that we we opened in our new location in Sept of 2009 we realized how useful this room was for our patrons. A young woman was studying in the room for hours one day, and returned the next day with a young man. It turned out they were studying for medical board exams. They had been driving to another library in Albany County, but were very happy to have a place where they could work together here in Brunswick. They have not been back--I hope that means they passed their boards.

We have a larger meeting room, too, which can be used by community groups, equipped with a projector, screen, etc. Guidelines for the use of this room can be found on our website.

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